Voice of the Client: An analysis of client satisfaction and consumer protection across four microfinance institutions in Peru

MIX, Hivos

This document presents a study into customers’ level of satisfaction with the products and services offered by four microfinance institutions in Peru*. It forms part of the “Voice of the Client” project, an initiative from the Hivos and MIX organisations to make customers’ voices heard.

Five indicators were selected from the Smart Campaign Customer Protection Principles to evaluate the customers’ satisfaction. They were: (i) suitable product design (ii) prevention of over-borrowing, (iii) transparency, (iv) fair, respectful customer treatment and (v) complaint resolution mechanisms.

The surveys reflected that the majority of customers (88%) are generally satisfied with their institution. However, it recommends further investigation into the causes of over-borrowing, the degree to which customers really understand the cost of borrowing, and more dissemination of the complaint resolution channels.     


* Caja Municipal de Ahorro y Crédito (CMAC) Arequipa, Financiera Compartamos, Financiera ProEmpresa and Fondesurco.