Actualidad Peru

Strengthening Consumer Protection

Supreme Decree N° 006

Article 65 of the Peruvian Constitution establishes that the State is guarantor of the interests of consumers and users, defending their right to information on the goods and services available to them on the market. This principle underpins the National Policy for Protection and Defence of the Consumer (referred to in this article as the National Policy). Its aim is to contribute to greater and more efficient protection of consumers’ rights to equitable treatment, with special focus on more vulnerable consumers.  

The National Policy is mandatory for all entities in the Peruvian State, at all levels of government, within the scope of their powers.

The regulation lays down the following specific aims:

a)      To strengthen the education of market agents (consumers and suppliers) regarding consumer rights and their mandatory compliance, implementing activities to guide consumers in their exercise of these rights and disseminating them.

b)      To guarantee consumer safety within the framework of consumer relations.

c)       To implement mechanisms to prevent and resolve conflicts between suppliers and consumers.

d)      To strengthen the National Integrated System for Consumer Protection.

The National Policy has been structured on the basis of four lines of action, which respond to the specific aims:

Line 1: Education, guidance and awareness-raising

Line 2: Protection of consumers’ health and safety

Line 3: Mechanisms to prevent and resolve conflicts between suppliers and     consumers

Line 4: Strengthening the National Integrated System for Consumer Protection

Finally, it establishes that the National Institute for the Defence of Competition and the Protection of Intellectual Property (Indecopi), as the national authority for consumer protection, will be charged with coordinating the implementation of the National Policy.