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SME Digital Innovation Programme

Resolution 260-E/2017

On 3rd July 2017 the State Department for Entrepreneurs and Small & Enterprises (SEPyME) published its 260-E/2017 Resolution creating the SME Digital Innovation Programme.

SME Digital Innovation Programme

This programme targets the Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) filed on the  MiPyME Companies Register to help promote their technological development.

In order to speed up digitisation and digital infrastructure processes, the programme, backed by the Argentine government, makes it easier for MSMEs to access technological products and services with the aid of price discounts and financing tools, in order to encourage competitiveness. The programme makes technology resources available, offering financing facilities and with prices substantially below market rates.


Supplier companies interested in taking part in the programme –whether they are manufacturers, importers or distributors of the products and services in question -, should sign up to the relevant Industry agreement with the State Department for Entrepreneurs and Small & Enterprises (SEPyME), and then offer the technology products and services included in the programme framework through a website. This Industry agreement comprises Appendix II of the Resolution and sets the necessary parameters for implementing the programme.

Those MSMEs wishing to benefit from the plan should open a session on the Portal, select the product or service they need and download the relevant coupon. The supplier will check that it is valid and then proceed with the sale process.