Actualidad Colombia

New Instructions Regarding Data Base Registration

External Circular 002/2015 – Personal Data

The Colombian government, through its industry and commercesupervisor, Superintendencia de Industria y Comercio (SIC), presents the steps that those responsible for personal data under Law 1581/2012 (Habeas Data Law) must take to register data bases regulated by that law. The items to be registered include the type of information stored; measures for securing the data; the origin of personal data: whether the information has been internationally assigned, transferred or transmitted; and reports with updates on matters such as complaints, security incidents, etc.

It also defines the procedures and dates for registering data bases according to the tax identification number of each company responsible for processing personal data. All information registered must be updated in the first quarter each year, as of 2018.

These postulates are contained in SIC Circular 002/2015. Their aim is to give the general public security about how their personal data are being processed by companies in both the public and the private sectors and to avoid indiscriminate disclosure to the market.