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Corporate web as an aditional source of information

Resolution SMV 020-2016-SMV/01

The Peruvian securities market regulator, the Superintendencia del Mercado de Valores (SMV), fulfilling its commitment to strengthen investor safeguards and protect market transparency, has published a resolution requiring companies that have securities or programmes in the Public Securities Market Registry to provide a corporate website as an additional channel of information. This website must contain a background resource going back at least two years containing its financial statements (including notes and the Management Report), relevant event filings and the annual report (the “Information”).

The Resolution also makes it mandatory for issuing companies to publish information on their corporate website immediately after sending it to the SMV and under no circumstances after the working day on which it was sent to the SMV.

It states that the above-mentioned obligations will be taken as satisfied if the issuing companies involved create a link on their corporate webpage to the relevant section in the SMV’s website, where the information submitted by the issuers has been uploaded. To this end, issuing companies must expressly state that this link leads to said information provided to the regulator.

Finally, the SMV has set the deadline for the requirements in the resolution to come into force for 1st August 2017, by which time issuing companies must have adapted their corporate websites accordingly.