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Investor protection and information transparency

SMV Resolution Nº 015-2016-SMV/01

The Stock Exchange Supervisor (Superintendencia del Mercado de Valores or SMV) has modified the regulations governing relevant events and confidential information, passed in SMV Resolution 005-2014-SMV/01, which became law on publication in the official state gazette, El Peruano on 18th June 2016.

The Relevant Events & Confidential Information Regulations, among other things, set out the body of rules that must be applied by issuers when disclosing relevant events or maintaining confidentiality, as well as a list of some of the events that should be taken by issuers as triggers for submitting information to the SMV, to stock markets and to the officer in charge of the central trading mechanism where the securities are listed.

 This modification to the earlier Regulation has the following aims:

    • To give issuers greater flexibility to approve internal guidelines for effective compliance with the regulations;
    • To acknowledge that the general manager (gerente general) of the issuers will take the role of the designated or acting stock exchange representative in the event of the temporary or permanent absence of the same,
    • To incorporate the obligation for issuers to disclose their monthly positions in financial derivatives contracts, since this information is useful for tracking companies’ currency hedging.

The regulation came into force on 19th June 2016.