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Improving customer care in the finance industry

Circular G-184/2015

On 1st October the Banking, Insurance and Pension-Fund Supervisor (SBS) published the Financial Customer Care Circular, aiming to improve the treatment of customers in the finance industry. To this end, it made the reporting procedures and obligations more flexible, repealing Circular G-176/2014 (analysed in Progreso 2) and its amending regulations and G-146/2009 and its amending regulations.

Principal changes

The major changes in this Circular are: (i) Standardisation of the complaints attention system. Henceforth, requests, queries and complaints will be kept in the same format, which must be made available to the financial customers. (ii) Companies must give their financial customers access to at least the following touchpoints through which to make their voice heard: a) their public branch network; b) a dedicated telephone number at which to lodge complaints; c) an e-mail address set up by the company and/or its website, at which to lodge complaints and to receive the response. (iii) The quarterly reports that companies must submit to the SBS will now contain more information fields than before. They will give the number of complaints received, the number of complaints resolved (broken down to the resolutions in favour of the customer and the resolutions in favour of the company), the average time spent on the complaint resolution, the products and services causing the complaints, the number of complaints still being processed and the total number of transactions in the company over the previous quarter.