How to develop ethical leaders

LeaderShape Global

In this report, John Knights, President of LeaderShape Global, argues that a new type of leadership is needed: ethical leadership. He analyses why it is necessary and how to nurture ethical leaders.

He reasons that ethical leadership can bring with it the following benefits for institutions:

  • It generates trust among stakeholders
  • It ensures the institution’s long-term sustainability
  • It attracts and keeps employees
  • It wins them a good corporate reputation
  • It ensures balanced decision taking
  • They are consistent in a changing environment
  • It fosters a framework of transparency

The report believes that in order to develop ethical leaders it is essential to embed values and ethics into the working environment, concentrating on the impact of one’s behaviour and performance and on that of the people around one (motivating and involving employees so that they fulfil their maximum potential and thus achieving the sustainability of the organisation).