About us

The online legal magazine, Progreso, is an initiative conceived by BBVA Microfinance Foundation in 2014 to raise awareness of the need to base legislation on a real understanding of the microfinance management model and also to extend best practices in good institutional governance.

Progreso acts along two lines: firstly, reporting on new laws and regulations and key trends in and around the microfinance sector, and secondly, disseminating the principles of good corporate governance to spread a culture of transparency and formal rigor throughout the industry.

Each issue of Progreso also includes an interview with a person of recognized prestige, and publications from multilateral organizations, academic documents and relevant articles on microfinance, good governance, corporate social responsibility, gender equality, data protection, sustainability and fintech, among others.

All this content is grouped and categorized to provide a legal library. Over its five years of publication, Progreso has compiled more than 700 documents, which readers can access easily, efficiently and free of charge.