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Adriana Valdes
Eduardo Sandoval
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Emprende Microfinanzas, S.A. (Emprende) specializes in providing financing that matches the needs of the most vulnerable entrepreneurs in Chile, adapted to encourage their economic and social development. Emprende is a social, not-for-profit enterprise, committed to reinvesting its surplus in providing greater access to credit.

A pioneer in microcredit in Chile, initially as a savings and credit cooperative and since 2009 as a member of the BBVA Microfinance Foundation, Emprende marks its 30th anniversary in 2016 with an unbroken history focusing on providing credit to micro-entrepreneurs. It was the first microfinance institution in Chile dedicated exclusively to supporting productive and commercial activities in low-income sectors.

Its mission is to contribute to the self-sustainable economic and social development of Chile’s most vulnerable micro-businesses, self-employed workers and entrepreneurs through the management of excellence in Responsible Productive Finance.

The enterprise is currently providing credit to over ten thousand entrepreneurs (more than 60% of these are women, and over half are in the informal sector) with a credit portfolio worth approx. USD 10 million. Emprende has 21 offices in 6 of the country’s regions, and 159 employees in all.

Management Team and Board

Management Team

Pablo Coloma
General Manager
Raúl Perry
Network Manager
Diego Solar
Financial Manager
Rodrigo Urra
Risk & Collections Manager
Rosa González
Regional Committee Coordinator
Luis Conejeros
HR & Communications Manager
Alejandro Vidal
Infrastructure & IT Resources Manager


Ramón Feijóo
Jorge Cruz
Javier Flores

Outstanding Areas of Initiative in 2015

Family Protection Insurance

Micro-insurance offers protection to disadvantaged micro-entrepreneurs, whose particularly vulnerable situations make them more fragile in the face of adverse or catastrophic events.

Mobility. Correspondents

External correspondents provide clients with a safe, efficient, and local access channel.