Stories of Hard Work and Achievement
Miguel Ángel Dadus Valdez


“We have been able to grow our educational business, alongside our community”

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The Centro Educativo Profesor Miguel Dadus is a college set up by its eponymous owner over 13 years ago, an entrepreneur with a concern for and interest in working in children’s education in the Dominican Republic, and by this, contributing to his country’s future. After working for a time in other schools, Miguel Ángel decided to open his own, in order to implement his own teaching methods, adapted to the needs of the children. “I got involved because I wanted to be part of a new system, something that helps children be more creative, a place that teaches them in a dynamic, pro-active way, with personalized techniques”.

The school works to give students training and integrated development so that they learn how to deal with problems and find solutions to everyday challenges. The college’s mission is to help individuals reach their full potential and contribute to society.

The current Centro Educativo Profesor Miguel Dadus has grown and improved over time. In its beginnings, the building housing the students was wooden with a zinc roof, but despite this precarious start, Miguel Angel´s iron will to teach persevered and he pushed ahead with his ambitious dream. There were tough years that he has not forgotten, but he never lost hope that his situation would change.

Banco Adopem enabled him to make that change by granting him his first credit. His school has adapted to meet the changing needs of the student intake. The requirement for more teachers and better teaching facilities was satisfied thanks to that first loan which enabled him to enlarge the premises so that the school could operate better.

Banco Adopem has stayed with Miguel Ángel as he consolidated his enterprise. Thanks to the 7 loans he has taken out with the institution, his school now has two shifts, providing kindergarten, primary and middle-school education, English and French language classes, a library and IT classes. He feels supported up by the banking staff, who are always that there to help him. When he arrives at the branch office, he feels “at home”, thanks to the good relationship he has built over time with all the employees.

He is convinced that you achieve success by respecting each student’s learning style. “You have to teach the parents, too, and make them participate in the teaching process being provided for their children”.

Miguel Ángel has big plans for his school. He wants to extend the teaching day full-time and improve the business in line with the Ministry of Education’s regulations. He knows that in this, too, he will be supported by Banco Adopem. "Over the years we have been able to grow our educational enterprise, alongside our community¨.